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The RunPoll website is the research portal for a group of social science PhDs who are passionate about running. We conduct and publish independent quantitative (survey) and qualitative (interview, focus group) research that increases understanding of the sport as a social, cultural and economic phenomenon.

Working with individual runners, clubs, institutions and event organisers, our goal is to boost participation and improve the experience of running for everyone who takes part.  


Latest blog posts

Gender difference in running motives

Our Big Running Survey collected data on almost 3,000 runners’ behaviours, preferences and motivations. One of the most striking things that emerged from the analysis was the big difference between[…]

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Follow the money…

One of the great appeals of running is its accessibility. Most of us can run – at least for a minute or so – and most own a pair of[…]

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Are women less competitive than men?

Taken at face value, our Big Running Survey data suggests that women are indeed less competitive than men. Only 16% of the women surveyed reported a strong motivation to do[…]

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